How do you organize your purse?

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How do you organize your purse? If you’re looking into your bag right now and see a jumble of STUFF feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt and neglect, hold it right there. We’ve all been there and understand the struggle of keeping our necessities in order and easily accessible, so we’re delighted to offer some rather stylish solutions.

Having distinct pouches for your makeup, cards, earbuds and tech devices makes for a seamless hand-in, hand-out transaction with your bag instead of the usual digging for gold franticness that comes with a black hole of a purse.

Whether you’re hitting the gym, the beach or just the supermarket, we’re obsessed with LOLO’s punchy pouches for their easy to spot colors and even easier to clean vinyl exteriors.

Never crush or misplace your glasses again! This adorable bright pink sunglasses case with the word “Shades” combines just the right amount of cheekiness and functionality you won’t mind reaching for again and again.


If you’ve watched too much Spongebob with the kids lately, fancy a vacation, or actually have a vacation planned LOLO’s Mesh Stanley Flat Case is the pouch for you! An ideal pool or beach companion, it’s easy going enough to be thrown into a tote or carried all by itself for a dose of whimsy with your bathing suit.


Toiletries are given high flying status in this mini zippered pouch. Stash your post-workout essentials, make-up, receipts or even money on or off the ground.


Be a rebel with the medium sized version of the airplane mini with a skeleton cut-out on the front. This one has even more room for a make-up collection or larger items. Best part? The bottom is flat, so it can hold it’s own on the bathroom counter when you’re in need of a touch-up.


Feeling organized yet? These also make a great gift for any girl in your life- scoop up a pouch, some makeup at Sephora, put a bow on it and call it a birthday/bridal shower/wedding party present!

We would be remiss if we also didn’t mention the importance of your purse itself keeping you in check. With tons of compartments, convenient openings and a manageable overall size, we adore these bags for their high style, sleekness and nifty pockets.

For anyone who thinks backpacks are for college-aged people and under, we think once you give Aimee Kestenberg’s Tamitha backpack a try you will be pleasantly surprised- just look at all that interior storage!

Tamitha Teal 2 Tamitha Teal_S

Tamitha Backpack by Aimee Kestenberg


Never underestimate the power of a cross body. Foley + Corinna’s three-pocket crossbody holds all the essentials, while Kooba’s multi-pocket Mandi messenger channels the OCD in all of us.



Cache Crossbody by Foley + Corinna


mandi sea glass

Mandi by Kooba