Our Chat with Ela

by morchu

From the first time we laid our eyes on her handbags, we became obsessed with the brand. Her designs are so beautiful and sophisticated; the leathers are soft and buttery. The brand brings something new and fresh to the contemporary designer handbag arena. And then we met the couple behind the brand, the fabulous Ela and Martin; they are kind, humble and elegant just like the collection. We sat down with Ela to learn a little more about the strong woman behind the brand.

What is your number one advice to anyone who thinks about starting his or her own handbag collection?

Think international but develop your brand one market at a time. We’ve had an incredible start in Canada, which has given us a great platform and stability to be able to expend into new markets. I think you have to be extremely passionate about what you are getting into, as it’s a pretty incredible challenge – worthwhile of course but it’s a very different way of working. Make sure you learn from your customers and adjust as you go and manage your cash flow as if your life depended on it.

What is the best part of working with your husband, Martin? 

I feel very lucky to work with my spouse as we really compliment one another. We work really long hours so if we didn’t work together we probably wouldn’t see much of one another. Being able to build a brand together and share in the growth has been quite rewarding. Of course the hardest part is the life/work balance and being more aware to turn the work mode off and focus more on each other but we are slowly getting there.

The Tiger clutch, is an iconic piece of your collection, and one of our favorites!! What can we expect to see in the future from you that will be considered, “Classic Ela”?



We are thrilled you like it! The tiger motif came from an abstract sketch that I did and thought it would be incredible to create a stamp like our signature studs and stars. It’s a technique that we have developed in our workshop where we create custom molds and then proceed with a filling technique to create a lasting texture without using heavy hardware.

The next classic signature for ela is a floral motif we call “flower party.”

What’s your all-time favorite Ela handbag? And what’s the number one item that you always must have in your handbag?

This is a difficult question as I love them all! The Scandi drawstring with our signature star motif has been in high rotation lately. The bag is very functional with minimal hardware, back zipper and great interior compartment. Most importantly its super light- weight, which is something that is present is all of our bags.


The cargo that I always have with me (very difficult to pick just one :-) in my handbag is what we call M.I.L.C.K – money/id/lipstick/cell/keys.


MILCK Lady Stud - black_s

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